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Proven, Experienced, Professional Guidance and training for the young hockey player in your family.  

Private and Small Group Instructor

My name is Dave Beaudin. I have been working in the Tampa area as a Professional Hockey Skills Coach for over 30 years.  As a Hockey Director in many of the rinks in the Tampa area, I have worked with many of the top players in Tampa Bay since 1992. I spent the last 5 years working alongside Pavel Barber and many great coaches.

I think we all agree there are no shortcuts…When the young player puts the work and follows the teaching methods of coaches, results are positive. Hockey is evolving at a very fast pace. Players, who can shoot and stick handle, enjoy the fruits of puck possession during games. Keeping your head up, scanning the ice ahead while skating and moving your hands to cradle a puck is ALMOST impossible..Let that sink in…..High Skill players have confidence on and off the ice, and often Motivate others around them..

Shooting and Stick Handling often gets neglected in the hours most kids are on the ice with their team.  This is also why I feel strongly on crafting your skills while having FUN using our A90 and Xoro Floorball sticks. Enjoy hours of fun in the house or outside working on ball and puck control.



My system helps evaluate the player’s needs then create a fast track program that gets the quickest results. If you would like or know anyone who could use some help, then please contact me for more information on my program. You can connect with me on FB Beaudin Hockey Player development, text direct to 813 334 6575 or Email

Ohio State Buckeye

Played from 1983 to 87.  Played against some really great hockey players. 

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Hockey Schools

Picture of my son Beaudy at Wayne Gretzky’s Hockey School. Awesome honor to work there.


Pavel Barber Hockey School

Always a pleasure to work with the best trainers in the world



Chris Palmer – Coach Dave has such a detailed understanding of the physics of body-stick-puck interaction. He can see exactly what is working and not working in only a few minutes. His instruction is clear, educational, and delivered in a way that you can understand quickly. I’ve watched him look at a shot in slow motion, show a player exactly what went wrong, and then explain exactly what to do to correct it. Every lesson my son has ever had has always resulted in him learning something new and useful. Maybe it’s a new concept. Maybe it’s a modification or fine tuning of an existing concept. Sticks were made with flex for a reason—a physics advantage. He maximizes each players understanding of how to use that stick to its maximum. The guy has lived immersed in hockey his entire life. All of that comes out every session.